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Welcome to the FIJIAM Web Site. Through this web-site, we wish to inform you about our organization which was established in 2009 during the major flooding disaster with the aim of helping the natural disaster victims of Fiji. We invite you to read through our other pages to get a very clear picture of what we are all about. You will also get to know about all current committee members, our ardent supporters and where your donations have been utilized in the past. If you think you can help the natural disaster victims of Fiji this is the organization you may want to be associated with. So once again, welcome to our website and we hope to work with everyone hand in hand to help our unfortunate brothers and sisters back in Fiji.
Bula, As per our ground work, all information gathered from various govt departments, local councils and other organizations, it has been concluded that the disaster victims really need utensils and bedding items. We are currently in Fiji and the items in the picture are currently being distributed personally by us to all the disaster victims in Ba and Lautoka.But we need more financial support to help as many families are still in need. We are also in talks and negotiations with Fijian High Commission and the Fiji Government to organize a container and we will further advice you all of the progress. We have put a package together per family and which will consist of: 2 cooking pots, 4 plates, spoons, cups bucket, Cost is $50 FJD AND 1 bedsheet, 2 pillows, 1 blanket, 1 towel Cost another $50 FJD We are looking for sponsors towards the above packages. You can either sponsor both or just one package. Every package will help. Your help towards this will be very much appreciated by the disaster victims and will go a long way in rebuilding their future. Thank you, Vinaka, Kind regards, Kamal Kishore, President, Fiji Aid Melbourne.  

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Bula, IMPORTANT INFO Just a little clarification from the committee of Fiji Aid Melbourne. We have been asked what we do with the money we collect and do we hand over cash to the disaster victims in fiji?All cash collected during a particular disaster in Fiji is used towards the same disaster stuck victims in Fiji. Just as we have always done.We do not hand over any cash to anyone. One or two members of our committee travel to Fiji and does most of the ground work, gathers information from various sources and uses the money to buy the necessary items required for the victims and provides them with exactly that. This way we control our finance as to where it should be used. After TC Winston. Phase 1 Provided food to evacuation centers. Phase 2 Food packs to families when they returned home in Western Viti Levu and  Savusavu in Vanua Levu. Phase 3 Traveled to Fiji, gathered all information and we helped the disaster victims with ROOFING IRONS, MATTRESSES, SOLAR LIGHTS FOR FAMILIES WITH STUDENTS AND LITTLE KIDS, KEROSENE STOVES FOR FAMILIES WITH INFANTS TO HEAT UP MILK AND FOOD, UNIFORMS AND STATIONERY TO STUDENTS, BLOCKS TO BUILD HOUSES, CEMENT & CLOTHES. Total cost $45,000 fjd. We distributed everything above personally. All records available. We also adopted Waimari Primary School under Fiji Governments Adopt a School program after TC Winston. We have set up a computer Lab with 14 computers at the school and also helped them with desks and chairs for whole school. We have also helped other schools in the  west of viti levu, Taveuni and other islands with computers, desks and chairs. Our records are all very transparent and any member of the public is welcome to access it anytime. It will also be posted on our Fijiam website and our fb page very soon.Any one can call me or any one of our Executive committee members to discuss and get further information anytime.Please forward this to your contacts. President, Fiji Aid Melbourne.
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The money collected, is distributed to the disaster struck people in Fiji in the following ways:  • Firstly, urgent help when disaster strikes...  

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Bank Name : ANZ Bank Account Name : FIJIAM Inc Branch No. (BSB) : 013280 Account Number : 477974304